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The physiotherapist has a particularly important role in the rehabilitation of people with chronic pain, as he is actively involved in reducing pain, improving the quality of life, and preventing relapses and painful situations that may develop due to chronic pain.

The trained physiotherapist with experience in managing chronic pain is able to reduce pain, retrain the brain and desensitize painful areas by choosing the right treatment plan and necessary pain management.

Educating the Patient
The therapist is able to understand the pain and what is causing it, in order to give information to the patient that will help in understanding the pain and in its management.

Re-training the Brain
Every time we feel pain does not mean that there is an injury !!! Our brain simply puts our body on alert.

Gradual Progress
Proper planning, proper management and cooperation allow us to set goals, giving the time needed to adapt, so that progress can be made both physically and mentally.

Understanding the Body
By retraining our body with the appropriate techniques and through the progressive process, our body is trained in movements that until recently our brain set prohibitive!

The physiotherapist is able to manage long-term pain, offering the clinical practice resulting from the research data (Evidence Based Practice).