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Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) or Blood Flow Restriction Method is a low resistance training (20-30% 1-Max. Repeat) with a special cuff wrap (BFRT) or elastic band (Practical BFRT).

The BFRT method not only increases muscle mass, strength and aerobic capacity in healthy practitioners, but is now one of the most effective therapeutic exercise techniques in athletes (after surgery or injury) and in vulnerable populations, where training options are limited!

Blood Flow Restriction 1

Blood Flow Restriction 2

Blood Flow Restriction Benefits
Many studies compare Low Intensity Training with 20-30% of 1 ME in combination with BFR and High Intensity Training without BFR with 65-90% of 1 ME. The results show a significantly greater increase in muscle mass and strength through BFR and LIT with just 2-3 workouts / week compared to HIT with 4-5 workouts / week. We see this improvement in a much shorter period of time (2 weeks versus 6-8 weeks) without muscle damage or delayed muscle pain that we usually see after a typical high-intensity workout for hypertrophy.

Specifically, the Blood Flow Restriction method offers:

  • Increase in muscle mass (hypertrophy)
  • Power increase
  • Reduced joint / tissue tension
  • Increase of maximum aerobic capacity
  • Increase of anabolic hormones and enzymes, and decrease of catabolic enzymes
  • Minor to no muscle damage
  • Minimal or no recovery is required
  • Less to no pain (DOMS)
  • Low volume required (resistance or cardio)
  • Preventive rehabilitation

Target Audience

  • Professional and recreational athletes for active rehabilitation/ recovery, joint discharge, strengthening.
  • People with mobility problems such as postoperative cases and the elderly