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What is Combination Taping?
Combination Taping is the most modern and clinically advanced form of combination binding. It is based on the practical application and combination of 3 different lacing techniques, McConnell Taping, Kinesiology Taping & Sport Taping. It finds application both in sports for the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, as well as in pathological cases in the daily practice of various health specialties for the better prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.

These three techniques have existed in the field of rehabilitation and prevention for many years. They are applied separately, each film having its own peculiarities and differences, as well as some common points.

Kinesiology Taping
Kinesiology tape is an elastic tape, containing 100% cotton and acrylic glue that is friendly to the skin and the environment. It has the thickness of the skin and its peculiarities with elasticity of 40% of the general length, wherever it is applied. The inventor is the Japanese chiropractor and kinesiologist Dr. Kenzo Kase. The basis for this idea, regarding this particular technique, was the skin and the muscles. He did not think that the skin is just our outer shell, but specifically recognized the function of the skin, as the largest reflective organ of the body. Kase observed in muscles not only the ability to react to changes in the environment but also the ability to support the body's healing and regeneration process. Thus, the muscles not only enable the movement, but also the microcirculation, the heat, the transmission of appropriate neuromuscular stimuli.

McConell Taping
McConell tape is known worldwide as "100% rigid tape".

This invention belongs to the world-famous physiotherapist Jenny McConell, who in 1986 first applied the mechanical correction of the patella, giving the opportunity to many professionals in the field to apply her techniques throughout the musculoskeletal system. This technique is applied through the 100% rigid material that can not be placed directly on the skin by itself because its glue contains zinc oxide, a material that is dangerous when it comes in contact with the skin surface. For this reason, before this tape (leukotape) an anti-allergic gauze (Fixomull) is placed on the skin.

Combination Taping (McConnell, Kinesiology & Sport Taping) is applied without affecting their specifics, mainly in the receptive behavior, on the contrary it strengthens it. Stabilizes and facilitates the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, because it ensures the desired movement on the one hand but also favorably modifies the macodynamic relationships and kinematic shapes.