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Pressotherapy is an electronic device of medical technology that exerts air pressure on alternating zones in the body, starting from the peripheral to the central joints and is applied with special bags in the upper and lower extremities, as well as in the lumbar region.

At the Modern Physiotherapy Centers PhysioGalinos we perform press therapy treatments with the NormaTec Pulse Recovery System, which is the last word of physiotherapy rehabilitation. This is an innovation that comes from the USA. and was designed to help athletes recover after each workout, but also to improve their performance.

This is a dynamic compression device designed to recover and restore the upper and lower limbs during or after the race. Thanks to the hand and foot accessories, it is addressed to athletes involved in football, basketball, martial arts, cycling, running, mountaineering, etc.

Of course, it can be used by amateur athletes, coaches, trainees and people who do not exercise, but suffer from problems with the lymphatic system, and by those who want to improve the aesthetics of the body.

How is it implemented?

During the session, the compressed air of the NormaTec Pulse Recovery System massages the extremities and at the same time mobilizes the lymphatic system, thus accelerating the recovery, while at the same time decongesting the muscles from lactic acid and filling the tissues with oxygen.

Depending on the type of component used, the Normatec Recovery System performs a series of compressions and decompressions and proceeds partially upwards, always starting with the compression of the limbs or feet.


  Improves the function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems
  Accelerates perspiration and oxygenation of tissues
  Reduces / reduces the feeling of heavy legs
  Removes metabolic toxins
  Prevents fluid retention
  Fights venous stasis
  Creates a feeling of euphoria and well-being
  Reduces cellulite
  Relieves and reduces swelling