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What Is The Right Position In The Office When I Work?

What Is The Right Position In The Office When I Work?

Daily questions I receive from my patients with chronic neck and waist problems are:

  1. What is the right position for me in the office when I work?
  2. Why is it important to have the right position when sitting in front of the computer?

In a developed society in which on a daily basis and for many consecutive hours we use the computer, tablets and smartphones, without the minimum training for the correct posture and ergonomics, we are called to deal with many incidents that we could have helped preventively. It is very important to know some basic things, such as what is the correct sitting position, how much you have to sit constantly and what ergonomics the space around you should have, in order to help you and not to burden your posture. Poor posture is responsible for lower back pain, neck pain, dizziness, etc.

So what you need to know when sitting in front of a computer:

  • A proper ergonomic chair can provide the right posture and support for the spine.
  • The head should be in a position where the chin is bent backwards and does not bend forward! Do not forget that the head is one of the heaviest parts of the body !!!
  • My shoulders should be pulled back and straight at the waist.
  • It is good for the elbows to be in contact with the desk and to rest on it.
  • The knees should form an angle of 90 degrees, the soles should be in full contact with the floor and should not exceed the height of the pelvis.
  • The waist, and more specifically the pelvis, should rest on the chair in such a way that there is a complete support in the lumbar spine. In case the chair does not have a support mechanism to help our waist, anatomical waist pillows with special foam material and excellent support are commercially available, with quick relief and reduction of pain from the strain on the lower back.

However, in addition to the right position that we must have when we sit in a chair, we must also take into account basic elements of proper ergonomics of the space.

  • The height of the desk should be such that the elbows form close to 90 degrees.
  • The chair should be as close as possible to the desk. This way we can easily reach all the objects on it And thus avoid minor injuries from wrong postures and strange angles that we form with our body.
  • The keyboard, mouse and anything else we use should be close to us without having to bend over to reach it again to avoid any injury.
  • The computer screen should be at the same level and slightly lower than right in front of our eyes.

If we take frequent breaks, get up and walk, we should not worry about anything. There are also specific exercises with light stretching that help during breaks. Usually every hour of office work we have to get up for at least 10 minutes to walk and do exercises. Consult your Physiotherapist, who can help you have a much more comfortable & quality life. And do not forget that “prevention is much more important than recovery”.