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Clinical Suspension Training Seminar by PhysioGalinos and TherapyLab

As part of TherapyLab Academy seminars, TherapyLab Physiotherapy laboratories are organizing the Clinical Suspension Training seminar, in collaboration with the PhysioGalinos Center, in Kalloni, Lesvos on July 11th and 12th.

The Clinical Suspension Training method is a useful therapeutic exercise with significant results in the proper activation of the muscles of the trunk and limbs, in the increase of strength, range of motion, in the restoration of stability, balance and in the improvement of the neuromuscular joint.

With the completion of the training in the Clinical Suspension Training method, the therapist will be able to know how and for more purpose he applies each exercise, to select the appropriate exercises according to the needs of each patient, to apply them safely but also to modify them. where necessary.

The aim of the method is the prevention of injuries, the reduction of symptoms and motor deficits, the improvement of functionality, the increase of physical activity and the prevention of re-injuries in musculoskeletal cases

The seminar is addressed to Physiotherapists. Colleagues interested in being trained in this method are kindly requested to contact 22510 43947 or 22530 25205 PhysioGalinos Rehabilitation Clinic 2 Kalloni.